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Whether one is considering an interior designer for a specific space or an entire setup, it’s vital to understand what they are capable of before proceeding with their services. The interiors of a home or a commercial establishment must work hard, so the owner doesn’t have to. They must portray their vision and style, and the interior designer producing the designs should know how to achieve that.

In Situ Design is a leading design firm in New York, and we have over twenty years of experience in delivering exceptional interior design services. We thoroughly understand what interior design is and how it should work for different setups. Moreover, we aim to introduce functionality through flawless design so that our clients can achieve their goals. For a sneak peek at our capabilities as interior designers, here’s a handbook to our services at In Situ Design.

1. Hotel design
We don’t believe branding is enough when it comes to hotel design. There has to be an immersive experience of the senses. We help our clients achieve this through various setup designs and decorative elements that meet the theme and aesthetics that they want to portray.

2. Office design
We listen to the boss, and then we speak to their employees to arrive at an interior landscape that can foster the commercial and social aspirations of the business and the people who make it work. When it comes to office spaces, they must accommodate the needs of the staff working there and not only the employer’s desires for status. For this reason, we make sure to consider everyone’s opinions to create an ergonomic office.

3. Residential design
Like a good tailor, we take the client’s measurements and build their home to fit their life, so they look fabulous. We also take into consideration their expectations, ideas, and desires for style and comfort. Accordingly, we design a personalized space they can enjoy with their family and friends for years to come.

How to derive more value from our services

a. Clients must know what they do and do not want
If clients are aware of what they want, putting together a design plan will be fast and straightforward. That said, if they’re new to the world of design, determining what they want can be tougher than they expected. In this case, knowing what they don’t want can be really helpful. If they are aware of what they don’t want their space to look like, this will help us strike out specific options and narrow down on suitable choices for them.

b. Speak to our competitors
When looking for interior designers, speak to as many as possible. Listen to how they talk about design and what it means. Very often, we hear our clients say that other designers only care about the latest styles, not about what they want. At In Situ Design, we are interested in producing the interiors our clients desire. We are happy to offer them direction as necessary to acquire something that they love and enjoy for years.

c. Interior design is not fast fashion
Design is not the latest fashion. And it shouldn’t be! A lot of resources go into producing an interior, and these resources should be chosen to offer the most impact on the user and the least on the earth. At the same time, they must enhance the function and feel of the space.

For more insights into interior design and how it works, reach out to our experts at In Situ Design. We are residential and commercial designers in NYC, New York. Our work is focused on the total project as well as its little details. We address the individual style and personality of our clients during each consultation. Following this, we examine the mechanics of use to ensure the final product meets the client’s standards and desires.

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